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Land Rover Las Vegas Presents Community Dinners for Season 3

Let’s serve up another year of incredible food by amazing chefs, purpose and great people. Let’s be bold, honest and have the courage for inspiring discussions. Let’s further our knowledge and learn about local charities, local farms, local food

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and our Chefs and their restaurants. Plus, let’s celebrate the incredible world of community and business in Las Vegas. It all equals a really special experience that happens in adventurous locations and it’s called Season 3.

Often, the question is asked..”How did you come up with Project Dinner Table”? Well, it’s a complete labor of love and runs on pure heart from volunteers, friends, strangers, farmers, chefs, sponsors, and partners. It’s an awesome platform to create, connect, give, be joyful and do something outside of your normal routine. We’re very excited about the season and the month of April is actually a significant month for Project Dinner Table – From a historical approach the sweat has been pouring since 2009. In short, the idea of Project Dinner Table came spilling out in April 2009, the concept launched in April 2010 and now in April of 2012 and the 3rd season of our Community Dinner Series began. It’s time for people, food and purpose ~ PDT style.

Cheers to doing more than we believe is possible and successfully failing our way forward to being brilliant and original. Well, that is my own mantra and you’re welcome to share in it. I hope to see you around the table. Be well. Eat well. G



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